Can U.S. Casino Revenue Top $110 Billion in 2024 After a Stellar 2023?

In 2023, the U.S. commercial casino sector celebrated its most profitable year, securing $66.5 billion in earnings from gamblers, as disclosed by the American Gaming Association recently this year 2024. This figure marks a 10% increase from the previous record-breaking year, 2022. The aggregate earnings from both commercial and tribal casinos are anticipated to reach nearly $110 billion once the tribal casinos’ revenue is accounted for later in the year.

Now, you might be wondering, why are so many people gambling, especially when things cost more these days, like food and gas? Well, it turns out that even with prices going up, people in America haven’t been shy about spending their money on games and betting. The head of the American Gaming Association, Bill Miller, said that Americans are more eager than ever to gamble, whether it’s the old-school way in a casino or the modern way online.

Interestingly, alongside the traditional and online gambling surge, the popularity of playing at a social casino has also seen a significant uptick. This fusion offers a unique, risk-free gambling experience while fostering a community atmosphere among users, contributing to the broader expansion of the gambling industry’s appeal.

What’s really interesting is that, despite the economy being a bit shaky and everyone talking about inflation, the casino world just kept growing. By the end of the year, with inflation cooling down a bit and people feeling a little more comfortable about spending, casinos were making more money than ever. And get this: In December alone, casinos won $6.2 billion, with the last three months of the year bringing in a record $17.4 billion.

You might be curious about what kind of gambling people are into. Jane Bokunewicz, who studies the gambling industry, thinks sports betting is a big draw. It’s still kind of new and doesn’t cost a lot to start, so even if people are watching their budgets, they’re giving it a go.

What Made 2023 a Record-Breaking Year for Casinos?

When it comes to making money, the classic ways of gambling, like playing slot machines and table games, are still at the top. Slots made over $35 billion in 2023, and table games weren’t too far behind. And sports betting? Well, that’s on another level, with revenue jumping by almost 45% to nearly $11 billion. Americans bet around $120 billion on sports! Plus, new states have joined the sports betting game, adding even more to the pot.

Online gambling is also on the rise, making over $6 billion. Michigan and New Jersey are neck and neck for the top spot in this area, with Pennsylvania close behind. The casino industry contributed approximately $14.42 billion in gambling taxes, up 9.7% from the previous year. Nevada led as the top gambling market with $15.5 billion in revenue, followed by Pennsylvania, Atlantic City, New York, and others, with New York’s Resorts World casino being the top-performing U.S. casino outside Nevada.

Now, not every state saw their casino revenues go up. Places like Florida, Indiana, and Mississippi saw a bit of a dip. And in Washington, D.C., sports betting revenues actually fell quite a bit. It’s a reminder that not every part of the gambling world is always on the up and up.

Morgan Stanley’s 17% CAGR Prediction for US Online Gaming

Looking ahead, experts like those at Morgan Stanley are predicting that online gambling will keep growing fast, expecting a 17% increase every year until 2026. But they’re also being a bit cautious, thinking that the growth might slow down a bit as new laws come into play and the initial excitement levels off.

So, what does all this mean for the future of gambling in the U.S.? Will you see more people taking a chance on sports betting or trying their luck online? And how will the gambling industry adapt to changes in the economy and technology? It’s definitely something to watch.


In the end, the casino and gambling industry in the U.S. had an incredible year in 2023 and the start of 2024, and it looks like there’s a lot more excitement on the horizon. What do you think is the biggest reason for this gambling boom? And how do you see it changing in the years to come?