Gareth Willmot

Hey people, I’m Gareth and I am that one friend who you call every time something goes wrong with your tv, phone, cooker, computer...and all the rest! Technology fascinates me and seldom bores me. I’m so excited to see where the world is going with tech, and so it made perfect sense to me to start a blog about my number one passion. I hope to help techies stay in touch with the fast-moving pace and to make tech less intimidating to people who find it overwhelming.

6 Upgrades You Need For Your Home

With the uncertainty of the housing market many homeowners are looking into upgrading their current home. These 6 small upgrades on your home can make a huge difference. 1. The Kitchen Everyone knows that the heart of the home is the kitchen. When looking to upgrade a home this is usually the first place to start. …

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5 ways to save money using a thermal printer

Many large-scale retailers have already made the switch to thermal printing technology. These printers are highly reliable, extremely efficient, cost-effective, and flexible, making them easy to integrate with any kind of existing printing or labeling systems. Thermal printers use specially coated thermal papers for printing. They use heat to create high-definition images or text on …

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How to plan your vacation to Qatar

For much of its history, Qatar has been a barren country often associated with dry landscapes and little development. One might’ve found themselves hearing the name in a newspaper article about Oil. Now, the nation has been vastly developed, and it is one of the best, most luxurious vacation destinations of the year. Let’s explore …

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