Gareth Willmot

Hey people, I’m Gareth and I am that one friend who you call every time something goes wrong with your tv, phone, cooker, computer...and all the rest! Technology fascinates me and seldom bores me. I’m so excited to see where the world is going with tech, and so it made perfect sense to me to start a blog about my number one passion. I hope to help techies stay in touch with the fast-moving pace and to make tech less intimidating to people who find it overwhelming.

5th Anniversary, another favorite site of journalists and editors, is celebrating its fifth anniversary this week with a redesign and some new features. The Web site’s founder, Patrick Phillips, came up with the idea for the site while working in the public relations department at Hearst. Part of his job was writing speeches for Frank Bennack, …

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4 Companies That are Making MORE Money Due to Covid

The current Covid-19 pandemic is certainly stress-inducing for most people and also for big companies who have large overheads, thousands of employees and an ethical issue of looking after them during these unforeseen circumstances. We have already chronicled 4 heavy-hitting, well-known companies who are struggling due to the current lockdown, however some companies absolutely nail …

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