5 ways to save money using a thermal printer

Many large-scale retailers have already made the switch to thermal printing technology. These printers are highly reliable, extremely efficient, cost-effective, and flexible, making them easy to integrate with any kind of existing printing or labeling systems.

Thermal printers use specially coated thermal papers for printing. They use heat to create high-definition images or text on these paper rolls and do not require ink. This makes them more advantageous for business owners over other conventional types of printers. Here are some of the main benefits of thermal printers that are helping business owners save a lot of their business time and money.

Cheaper printing

One of the main reasons why business owners are choosing thermal printing is that it is cheap when it comes to costs per print. For businesses that require a high volume of prints,  shifting to good quality thermal paper rolls is the most logical step to take. Since it does not use ink, the cost of replacing expensive ink cartridges and printing ribbons can be saved. You don’t have to worry about the ink running out exactly at the wrong time.

Low maintenance cost

Printers can malfunction or stop working at the worst of times. Businesses that rely on prints can disrupt their workflow or upset their customers because of this. With few moving parts, thermal printers do not get jammed or break down while carrying out heavy workloads.  They are capable of enduring sudden movements, extreme weather conditions, water damage, and other damaging factors. They are also much faster and cheaper to repair as well. Unlike the conventional printer, you mostly will not be needing an expensive technician to repair the problem.

Faster printing

Time in business is money. Being faster in dealing with clients, sometimes require faster printing. Wasting time in getting prints can add up to frustrated customers lining up. Conventional printers take time to put ink on the paper. Thermal printers do not need ink and because of this, there is no delay in the printing process. Customers can check out faster, shippings can be labeled and dispatched faster, more goods can be sold, or more customers can be served.

Better workflow efficiency

Managing the conventional printers, replacing ink ribbons or cartridges, or fixing the print interruptions can affect the workflow of employees. They will be losing time handling the machine instead of doing productive tasks. With the increased print speed and low maintenance of thermal printers, workers will be able to focus on their actual work and not stopping their workflow to deal with the printer. This will increase the efficiency of the workflows and improve the overall productivity of the team.

Greater value to the product or service

An increased speed, faster workflows, and efficient employees mean better products and services. Thermal printers possess so many cost-saving and efficiency-improving advantages. These inkless printers can produce clear and long-lasting prints. For a business owner, this can be redeemed as customer satisfaction and greater profits. Updating to thermal printers may feel like a significant investment at first. However, it can surely lead to many long-term financial benefits for the business.